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Women Empowerment Through Sanitary Hygiene Industry.

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Welcoming Women in Sanitary Hygiene Industry.

Mostly in our country woman do not use sanitary pads. Only few-percentages of women in India have access to sanitary hygiene in India. It has seen aiming to educate women in our country about menstrual hygiene. From not stepping in the temple to not entering kitchen area, India has menstruation beliefs. It’s in rural as well in urban area. Therefore, the need to talk and educate in favor of menstruation hygiene practice is necessary at a time.

Lack of menstrual hygiene products causes girls to sit at home, affecting their learning and future opportunities. We wish to educate women, empower by employing them. We have uniquely designed napkins to fit a women’s body. Move freely & with confidence!
The demand for sanitary napkins is huge. It is easy to convince woman to use well-fitted napkin. Majority of today’s women menstruate much more due to eating higher calorie diets, marrying later, Plummeting fertility. It creates accelerate sanitary pads demand.

Why we are approaching or employing women to promote this?

A woman can guide another woman easily. This campaign has been run to guide women about the hygiene issues many girls and women are facing. The diseases which can be avoided by proper usage of sanitary napkins. To guide women and girls about the time period in which the pads should be changed.
It will empower women in their future perspective as well they will get employment and along with this another women will get to know about the importance of using sanitary napkins.

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